Shakespeare Project

In this on-going project, we wish to express conflicts, love, themes, and questions relevant to a modern audience, using a structure of works created by artists who lived in the past. In a way, it is to scavenge among the discarded gems of the past, and polish them up to their former brilliance scavenge and revive gems of the great people in our works. Of course we realise that in Newton’s words, we are ‘standing on the shoulders of giants.’ We humbly realise that our works are not yet polished as the giants’ art; yet by relying on the universality of Shakespeare’s works, by borrowing their works, especially Shakespeare’s timeless relevance in his plays, we are hoping to experiment with the rebirth of renaissance of old stories and plays.

There are two types of works in this project. One is to create pieces attributed to a character/s, and they are loosely based on stories or /plays. The other is to create ‘concept albums’ adapting stories/plays familiar narratives: if it is a play, a piece is dedicated to each act, whereas a piece is for some or several chapters summarizes the narrative progress in a case of stories. Pieces for characters are mainly to express emotions and make to bring the characters vivid and relevant to life, and the purpose of ‘concept albums’ are mainly to adapt earlier works in to the present time contemporary experience.