Remember Me

Performed by the soldiers on guard, Old Hamlet, and Hamlet
This sonf is based on Act I of Hamlet; we have tried to bring out a particular focus on the conversation between the ghost and Hamlet himself. We have fashioned the dialogue in two layers; one reflects upon Hamlet’s personal life, as a son who has lost his father, the other thinks about Hamlet as a public individual, a subject who has lost his king, and a prince who lost his kingdom. The latter deals with the problems of the throne and inheritance, and also the fact that the crown has moved from one monarch to another, from a legitimate king to his brother the usurper Claudius. In the song, Hamlet’s public thoughts are in English, while his emotions are expressed in Japanese. In this project, we have interpreted the ghost as a projection of Hamlet’s fears and anxieties in his subconscious, moreover the presence of and the talk with the ghost becomes a strong motivation for Hamlet to take the next move.