Imaginary Machete Swinger is a creative artists’ guild which was formed in Tokyo in 2017, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the career of the composer Sogo Akiyoshi. It started as a workshop containing a vocalist Charlie Shikazaki and the composer, towards the end of 2016, and developed into a project that has embraced artists from various diciplines: musicians, designers, photographers, videographers, actors, dancers, researchers, and students who are eager to learn and grow their talents. Our aim is to create not only multidisciplinary work, but also to make experimental works in interdisciplinary fields and a platform for experimentation. Particular characteristic of our work is to take old ideas, examine them as a group, interpret them, and express our own contemporary feelings through the newly regenerated artifacts.

  • Sogo Akiyoshi (composer)
  • Charlie Shikazaki (vocalist, designer)
  • Yui Honda (bassist, TV programme owner)
  • Ryuichiro Itoda (guitarist from Noh family)
  • Naoko Inoue (photographer)
  • Tsukuyomi (professor in Chinese music, Chinese instrument player, programmer)
  • Jason Yap (dancer)
  • Sarah Chua (designer, actress)
  • Arden Aki (orchestra arrangement, vocal, voice actor, mixing, etc.)
  • Andrei Ionescu (vocalist, composition, acting)


  • KenG (Gig Connection)
  • Yusuke (Gig Connection, Four Senventh)
  • Isa (design, drawing)
  • Adam Leaver (guitarist)
  • Mel (vocalist)
  • Tetsuro Ozawa (guitarist, vocal)
  • Kris Zen (photographer)
  • Tomotaka Ishikawa (drummer)
  • Give Me a Mic (promoting our anime cover)
  • Hironosuke Sato (pianist, composer)
  • Taku (drummer)
  • Nankai no Habu (videographer)
  • Kaho (videographer)
  • Takuma Kawaguchi (videographer)
  • Yiva Wong (videographer)
  • Jorge Sapien (music producer)